Waltham Abbey Hotels

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There are some place names which in themselves give an insight into the culture and history of a town, and Waltham Abbey is certainly one of them. A market town in Essex, with a close proximity to London, some 20 miles away, there is every reason for Waltham Abbey to be a place from which to work and enjoy the numerous delights of the capital, but people come from all directions to enjoy the attractions of the town too. These include the medieval abbey of course but also many other historic associations which combine with a contemporary town buzz to make Waltham Abbey Hotels popular both as stopover solutions and as a base for an extended break or holiday.

The history of the town dates back as far as the 11th century and even earlier if local legend is to be believed about Boudica's rebellion against the Romans ending here. What is certainly attributable is the final resting place of King Harold who was brought here after his defeat at the Battle of Hastings. A stone marks his grave at the point which was once the high alter of the original abbey, the last to be dissolved by Henry VIII. The Waltham Abbey church is deeply impressive nonetheless as a prominent visitor attraction, and there are many more examples of historic architecture found throughout the town.

There are Waltham Abbey hotels which are every bit as historic as the main attractions. Often in a classic coaching inn style these are the kinds of places which have always been at the heart of the community and continue to provide a place to meet, to socialise, to dine and to enjoy the comforts and unique historic ambience of on-site accommodation. There are other options too and amidst the aged old elegance of the streets, buildings and accommodations all modern guest requirements will be well taken care of.